Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bibliophilia: Fragile Things & American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Fragile Things Short Fictions and Wonders – Neil Gaiman
American Gods – Neil Gaiman
It’s Gaiman, so it was bound to be good, and this one delivered. Loved the premise – do the gods from other parts of the world, have the same power in the US as they did in their homelands?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bibliophilia: Mitch Rapp Series – Vince Flynn

These are essentially super hero books - a very politically incorrect super hero. Liberals will be aghast as he fucks up terrorists. Admittedly they’re fluffy, but I really like them as mindless escapism. 

But why do the covers have to be so appallingly bad? Given the caliber of work presented in things like Spectrum, these are just insipid. I realize the target audience is pretty much made up of conservative, white males, but please, can these be made to look just a smidgen more exciting than a report from the federal accounting office?