Saturday, 19 August 2017

Rifleman’s Ration

I don’t condone firearms use under the influence of alcohol. But after some time on the range, this is a delicious beverage to unwind with.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Military Occupation at Burlington Heights

There’s a fairly new sign outside Dundurn Castle, with a photo illustration detailing what the area would have looked like during the War of 1812 and some explanations. (Hopefully you can zoom in and read it okay if you’re interested. And please excuse any wonkiness in the image. It’s cobbled together from over a dozen photos.)


Having wielded a few in my day, I can say, “now THAT’s a pulaski!”

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Bruce Trail Hike August 5

Went and explored a local section of the Bruce Trail, that for some inexplicable reason have only ever been on once. A long time ago. From Highway 6 towards Waterdown. Friends Michelle and Amanda came down from Toronto. Not too long of a hike, but time spent in the woods is always good in my books. And it was an opportunity to try out my new pack, the Squish’mups. Stay tuned for an update on it.
One side and the other of the underpass beneath Hwy. 6. Big improvement. Before you had the choice of trying to run across the highway and dodge traffic or make a long detour.

One of the first things you come across is the ruins of a homesteaders cabin. Not sure how old it is.
Some scenes in the woods.
A quarry has been turned into a managed wetland area.
Amanda and I in the underpass. (Photo by Michelle M.)

Monday, 7 August 2017


There is a legend about Queen Victoria offering a reward of 100 pounds sterling to anyone who could deliver to her the fresh fruit. Although this legend can be traced to a 1930 publication by the fruit explorer, David Fairchild, it is not substantiated by any known historical document, yet is probably responsible for the uncommon designation of mangosteen as the “Queen of Fruit.”


The Patch’mups, a panel I made for all my Velcro backed embroidered patches. There is loop Velcro fabric available, but it’s pricey. I took four lengths of 4" loop Velcro and sewed it to a piece of 420 denier packcloth, folded it in half, inserted a piece of HDPE, sewed it together, and then put paracord with button knots on the end through the 1" tube sewn into the top. (And 85 of those patches, I sewed hook Velcro to. By hand. Ugh...) 

(Suspending it in the centre like that, still makes it bow. A rigid tube through the top will fix that, or suspending it from two hooks close to the ends, rather than one in the centre, will also make it hang better. That’s the option I’ll go with.)