Sunday, 2 December 2012


The big catholic cathedral around here, officially Cathedral of Christ the King, is a fairly prominent landmark I often orient myself by. Over the years, I’ve taken a few photos. Different times of day and year and weather conditions and from various angles. I have to say, it is quite a beautiful building on the outside, but I’ve never inspected the inside. I’m afraid I’ll ignite as soon as I cross the threshold.


  1. "I’m afraid I’ll ignite as soon as I cross the threshold."

    You crack me up.

    1. No. Seriously. I have sinned. A lot. Repeatedly. And I haven't repented. Wasn't ever baptized. Duders' name is basically just an expletive to me. I have heard some devil worshipping heavy metal music in my time. And I've seen what happens in those Exorcist movies. I'd best not be risking it.