Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Went up to see my family up north yesterday. Somewhere close to Newmarket, I reached into my right front pocket and realized my knife, my much loved Spyderco Tenacious, wasn’t there.


Then it hit me.

I had received a $25 dividend from MEC a while back and still hadn’t used it. Went out to Burlington on Saturday and ended up with a Fenix E12. (Which is great BTW.) I sat on an embankment by Brant Ave. and used my knife to cut open the packaging. I rested it on my bag, checked out my new light, relaxed for a bit, had something to eat and drink and then got up to go. As I did, there was a near accident at the nearby intersection that got my attention. Observed this for a while, and the distraction meant I didn’t notice that my knife fell off my bag. And didn’t notice till about 16 hours later that it was missing.


As great a knife as it is, it wasn’t so expensive, and I could always replace it. But still, what a waste of money, and what a dunce for not noticing that I’d lost it.

Decided to see if I could find it. I figured there was a decent chance it might still be there. The spot was a bit out of the way, and given that it was a Sunday, and Thanksgiving, I figured there might not have been many people going past. I got off the train at Burlington GO station like a paratrooper exiting a Hercules, and hustled to the spot in question, used that new Fenix E12 to look around ...and...there it was. 30 hours later, and still there. Covered in dew, but my beauty was mine again. Hustled back to the GO station, grabbed the next train and headed home, content.

It’s ultimately a little thing to be thankful for, but it was something else to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

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