Sunday, 2 November 2014

Woo-Jin Tension Hooks rather than ITW G-Hooks

I’ve been contemplating replacing the side release buckles I use to attach and detach pouches to packs. If I want to attach the pouch somewhere else, I need corresponding female buckles on the receiving rig/pack/pouch. I really want to avoid that extra weight expense. One option that I have considered are ITW G-Hooks.
The only problem with them is that they are expensive (buy them in small quantities and they run $2.50 per) and their scarcity. Mil-Spec Monkey is one of the few places that has them (and sell them in lots of 100 - where the price is a more reasonable $1.20), but they have them very sporadically. Another problem with G-Hooks is that webbing tends to slip in them. There is a straight version in which it is worse and also a waved version which tries to remedy that slippage. Even with that, keeping tension on is a problem. Kifaru uses them but added a ladder-loc to it to counter slippage, and called it the K-Connector.
Now it appears Woo-Jin has something that might give it a run for its money.

Called a Tension Hook, it comes in a few different sizes (15 mm {½"}, 20 mm {¾"}, 25 mm {1") and 38 mm {1½"}). Made from Acetal, which isn’t as strong as metal, but plenty strong enough for my needs. Likely most anyone else too. And, they have a better webbing slider molded right in. Oh and it comes in a right and left version. Admittedly not as convenient as the G-Hooks ability to mount on either side, but an acceptable trade off.

The Slurp’mups attached to the YakBakDekPak.

(There is also a Single Tension Hook, but it only comes in the 15 mm {½"} size. Not sure why only that size, but I do hope they decide to make it in more sizes.)

The question that arises that I have found them intriguing and want to get a bunch more....where do I then order several dozen? All of them, Woo-Jin, National Molding, ITW-Nexus - why it is so damn hard to buy two dozen of this, and 8 of that, and a dozen of this, and 50 of that, and two of this and one of that? Some of them sell some of their things to guys like me, but then the other three quarters of their selection seems to exist solely for the purposes of dangling in front of my nose and taunting me with. “Not for you little man.” I get that they want to sell skids worth of stuff, truck loads at a time, to big manufacturers. But there must be some sort of market in selling to small makers, designers, tinkerers, fixers? Finding anything by National Molding is particularly tough. 
I really wish there was a place that sold all of their offerings in one place, in smallish quantities. Why can’t there be a place that offers all the groovy hardware to the average modder/maker? How the heck does the cottage industry/hobbyist maker get anything beyond a cord lock/side release buckle/tri glide/ladder lock in reasonably small quantities?


  1. Hi there my name is Ryan I've been following your site for a while and find the sewing and design work you do very impressive. I've had luck with Hudson Supplies for ordering buckles and other such things. Marc Beaudoin there was a great help to me in acquiring some general and some very specific components for some projects I have made.


    1. Thanks very much Ryan. I am aware of them, (I list them in my DIY/MYOG Material Sources list), I just haven’t ever ordered anything from them. But I will give them another look, and the contact name is helpful too.

  2. Were you ever able to find these commercially? It seems Woojin Plastics has a Metal Combo Tension Hook on their website under new products.

    1. No. Never been able to find them anywhere for sale.

      And I was not aware of those. Thanks fro bringing them to my attention. Although that is just one more thing I want that I can’t have.