Friday, 23 October 2015

High Level Bridge Wander

I’ve been heading down to check out the rail bridge construction going down by the Desjardins Canal a few times in the last few months. Received a gift of a hike enhancer and went for a wander.
 Dundas Peak in the distance.
Princess Point.
High Level Bridge.
The view from atop the bridge.
Some views of the ongoing construction as the prepare to put in the bridge.
360° view from atop the bridge before heading down the stairs.
The view across the road.
Cross over again and head down.
Cootes Paradise on the other side.
About halfway down the stairs.
 Looking up. The area in the middle is where the new bridge is going to go. The stone abutment on the right is still the original ones put in in the middle of the 19th century. They were there at the time of the 1857 train disaster.
 A view from one end of the canal, from the Burlington Bay side.
And the view if I turn 180°.
Looking down the canal from the other end, the Cootes Paradise side.
You have been warned.
Views of the Cootes Paradise side of the canal, with the fishway that keeps carp out.
Ground level views of Cootes Paradise.

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