Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Paracord Needles

Made some paracord needles tonight.

For anything where you need to weave the running end through (finishing something off by burying the end, the snake knot, whipping, etc.), this is handy.

I found something on Instructables where the poster suggesting using brass rod and cutting it to length with a Dremel tool, then drilling out the rod with a drill press and then tapping the open end, and then shaping the tips with a grinder....yeah right! Take the path of least resistance.
I found some 5.5 mm knitting needles at a thrift shop for 25¢, took a hack saw, maybe ten strokes to cut each tip off, a rat tail and flat file to clean the ends up and voila. I really only needed one, but since my extravagant expenditure netted me two knitting needles, why not make two paracord needles out of them.

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