Sunday, 21 February 2016

Polygonal Portrait: Anand

Okay, last one of these I do for quite a while. Quite possibly ever. First one was 1000 triangles. Second one was 4000 triangles. This one was over 13,000 triangles. There isn’t that flow you get with painting or drawing. This is just mindless bezier point clicking, hours and hours and hours of it. Why do I do this to myself? I think the next illustration style I’ll explore will be stick figures.
The end result.
The original.
Cropped from this image. He’s about 2¾ here. At the sand mandala the Tibetan monks did. With Tenzin, their interpreter. Happy memories of a really fun day. (It was the day they did their opening ceremony. I had taken the day off work, since this was something of a once in a life time experience. We tried to impress upon him to be quiet while it was going on. Being a squidgy toddler, he crawled from lap to lap. At one point he sat on our friend Jen’s lap. She’s pregnant. He’s touching her boobs. He whispers “Your boobies are really big auntie Jen.” I think all of us hurt ourselves trying to not burst into gales of laughter.)
Keyline view. The end result was 13109 objects, 41270 points, 83.25 meters worth of line. And an almost silly number of hours. 80, 100. Now that it’s done, I’m kind of indifferent about it.
Some close-ups.

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