Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bibliophilia: Two Generals – Scott Chantler

Two Generals – Scott Chantler

I was at a friends house for NYE and he had this book lying on his coffee table that he had received for Christmas. “You read fast. Read it right now.” So I did. Nothing I didn’t already know, but it just increased my admiration and appreciation for the greatest generation. The main character (the author/artist’s grandfather) spent time in St. Thomas and it mentions his going down to Port Stanley to the Stork Club, and at the start of the war he enlists in the Elgin Regiment (and is the commanding officer of the regiment in the 60s). Married a gal from Elgin county too. Having lived in Elgin County, it was particularly poignant. I really like his style, and this does an impressive job of relating a slice of Canadian history.

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