Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Break-Away Necklace

I guess it’s important to have some kind of a break-away if you wear something around your neck. Even though I’m not ashamed to state that I’m a bit of a safety ninny, I have worn a neck knife for years on just a piece of 2mm cord. I guess on some level I have a problem with weak points. But I do realize that it is probably a good idea. I’ve looked at some of the little plastic break-away hardware, and wasn’t so impressed with it. It came undone too easily for my liking.

Was in a dollar store recently and saw this. For a dollar, I figured I’d give it a try.
Will all dollar stores have this? I have no idea. Are these super popular and available everywhere? I have no idea. Are they available in longer than 18" lengths? I have no idea.
Don’t know if there is a proper name for this kind of closure. I call it Ball and Loop.
Now, 18" makes it a choker on me. A choker with a break-away to avoid choking, but a choker nonetheless. I guess these are marketed towards 8 year old girls, not burly adults who carry knives around their necks. Thought of getting a second one to lengthen it, but that would then add two weak points.
So far so good. Mind you, three days of wearing it isn’t that much of a test. Although I have worn it while I slept, and if all that tossing and turning I do hasn’t ripped it loose, thats a hopeful sign. I can see this being problematic if you carried a knife that required you to really yank on the handle to get it out of the sheath. But what I carry has been fine so far.


  1. Hmmmm. What kind of rubber is it? It looks like the kind that will stick to anything. That would kind of creep me out. Granted I'd freak out if I tried to wear it as I cannot stand anything that tight around my neck. *shudder* I do have a coaches whistle with a break-away gizmo on the back of it. Right now I have my work ID's hooked to it--but I think I might try to get one set up for my ESEE Izula. (Great knife. Oh yes.)

  2. It’s silicone. Not ideal, but I figure I would give it a try.

    I don’t know how heavy that Izula is (never had the chance to handle one) but I find there is a real tipping point with neck knives - the lighter the better.