Thursday, 8 March 2012

Custom Lego Playing Card

My nephew has a Ninjago playing card. He’s also been asking me a lot about creating art on computers and learn some more about PhotoShop.

Looking at the card, I realized it might be a fun little project to do some custom Lego playing cards. Make a card with us as the stars. Recreate the format, get him to pick out a mini-fig that he feels represents him.
I don’t really have any Ninja powers, so I mulled it over and figured I’d do sort of a redneck, rifle toting hiker dude, combined with my digital design activities. (While my nephew has hundreds of Mini-Figures, I just have the one Mini-Thomas: tan pants, orange shirt, vest with lots of pockets, back pack, binoculars, map, rifle, choice of ball cap or hat, either sage green hands {for when “I’m” wearing flight gloves, or flesh tone hands when “I’m” not.})The picture on the back was a very imperfect attempt to recreate the image I use as the header on this blog in Lego form. I would like to do an actual illustration, but....time....too many things on the go already...yadda yada. A lacklustre photo illustration will have to do for now. 

There are all these little symbols and rankings on the back of the card that I have no clue about, so I thought it might be more fun to list all the programs I know and my proficiency in them.

Anyway, I did this one, and then worked on one for him, but he’s since changed his mind and wants a hockey card for himself instead. Stay tuned.

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