Tuesday, 15 January 2013

100 Wild Huts

Fella in Scotland, Kevin Langan, has a blog up chronicling his efforts to build 100 huts out of natural materials. I too have a bit of a thing for building shelters and shacks and shanties. Lanark county was at one point littered with several that I had made. Nothing fancy at all, but it allowed me to go wandering with minimal stuff and if I was forced to spend a night out, I could have a reasonably warm and dry place to hole up. I’ve been cobbling together sticks and leaves and boughs and bark since I was a teenager, and still get a kick out of it. So I really appreciate what he is doing, and have been following his progress for a while now. Up to #13 at this point.



  1. That is a very cool website. Thanks for sharing that one!