Monday, 25 March 2013

Flying Rhino Vest

A friend gave me this about a decade ago. He had procured it almost a decade before that, sometime in the early to mid nineties in Goa. He knew many of the people behind the scene there, and someone from Flying Rhino gave him this. It was created with being completely off your face on LSD in mind. A place to store your passport and wallet, chillum and smokeables, a pocket on the back for a spare T-shirt, some snacks, etc. You could recline under a palm tree, go dance for a few hours and know all your stuff was safe and in one place, even if you were tripping your face off. I imagine it was made locally, but I have no idea how many were made, precisely when it was made, and I also don’t know if they were ever for sale. As far as I know it is a rare bit of psytrance memorabilia. It’s made from a thick cotton material, suitable for a jacket, with polypropylene straps. The construction of it is okay, but the inside edges aren’t seam taped, and the closures are of course a crappy little square of Velcro. Would love to know some more about this, but I will likely put it up for sale.
 Left Front Pocket.
 Left Side Pocket.
 Back Pocket.
 Right Side Pocket.
Right Front Pocket.
And a few lousy pictures of it worn. I doubt it was made for a guy my height and circumference in mind.

Pretty neat little item. Essentially a chest rig for hippies.


  1. Neat. Looks very similar to the "RIBZ" front pack.

    1. Yeah! I'd never thought of that, but it does bear a resemblance.