Thursday, 7 March 2013

More slinging

Went on a hunt for marbles, golf balls, bouncy balls, anything with enough mass to hurl a distance. It would appear marbles are surprisingly hard to find nowadays. Probably not enough frenetic visuals and buttons to push for the yutes these days.

After hitting every dollar store in the downtown core I finally found one close to home. Perfect ones actually. Neon bright colours, about an inch in diameter and with a bit of weight to them. Buck a bag.

Off I went to the nearby soccer fields/baseball pitches. 
Much flinging, and despite the bright colours, much walking in spirals to locate them. Most times I saw where they went, but the odd one went in an unexpected direction. Only managed to lose one, which went god only knows where. I think my best distance was about 65 meters. I’m getting a bit better.
And again, the camera conked out after only a few pictures. Don’t know if something is wrong with the battery or the fact that it was brutally cold that made the camera conk out.

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  1. Coolness! I am jealous. I will have my shoulder rebuilt in June...I probably won't be slinging much of anything for a while after that. :-(