Sunday, 12 May 2013

Labyrinth pt. 1

Helped a friend do a preliminary layout for a 40 foot labyrinth at his son’s school yesterday.
The very classical labyrinth design we’re going with. There are many, many variations, but we opted for this one.
Even with my height it’s tough to get a good overall view of it. Once it’s been painted I’ll make a more concerted effort to get a good overview shot.
By the time this is ready to be painted all these marks will be gone, but as the old adage goes, measure twice, cut once. Or paint, in this instance. It was essentially just a practice run, a rehearsal. We made a slight booboo, in that we figured out curves and that crossing point after that. Should have done the crossing first, and then everything else. We know now for the next time, and figured out some techniques for how to most effectively lay it and mark it out for painting.

Looking forward to doing this. I know there are all sorts of spiritual aspects to labyrinths, that they are used as contemplative, meditative exercises. But I’m just a geometry geek who likes spirals.

Some more info about labyrinths.

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