Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Makers: Passionate Apprentices

I burst into laughter about this one, since this man, bladesmith John Hounslow-Robinson is essentially a 20 years older, Australian version of my pal Jarkko. Dreads, beard and all.

I reckon I would get on very well with this guy. I’m sure people with a pickle up their ass undoubtedly see him as a dirty hippy who lives in a ramshackle, cobbled together compound. But I see someone living a more genuine and fulfilling existence than they undoubtedly lead. And he seems to be doing a pretty good job of inspiring and teaching two young men some worthwhile skills. And Linden - that kid is fantastic.

And I’ve always been intrigued by Tasmania, and this video only stokes my interest in living there. I know it’s not so easy to move to Australia, but if there was a chance.... Not that I mind in the slightest where I live now, but the idea of living in a place that remote, with so much of it unsullied by roads and development, is really appealing. I loved my time in Australia, but the hinterland out past Slobart piques my interest.


  1. Nice find - really enjoyed watching both those clips.

    Reminds me of Talmudic saying: "Who is rich? one who is happy with his lot." (http://www.on1foot.org/text/mishna-pirkei-avot-41)

    1. I get the sense that he is a lot more content than most people living in modern houses with all the latest modcons. He has shelter, a workshop, food, a dog, mobility, friends, a passion, seems connected to the natural world around him, I could go on. Despite his unorthodox way of life, I think you are very correct in saying that he is likely a rich man.