Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Modest Proposal To Make The World A Better Place

I think much of what is wrong with today’s world, is people feeling compelled to force their moral viewpoints on other people. This incessant need some have to make others conform to their world views, leads to much of the strife in this world.

Whether it’s nanny staters and their “I don’t like guns. I think they should be outlawed.” Whether it’s feminists and their “I don’t like pornography. I think it should be banned.” Whether it’s the religious and their “My god forbids abortions. I think they should be forbidden.” Whether it’s the prohibitionists and their “I don’t approve of drugs. I think they should be made illegal.”

What it all boils down is a fervent world view that they feel everyone else should share. But others don’t share your world view  And trying to force others to do so is offensive.

Don’t like firearms, unions, porn, drugs, abortions, tattoos, unhealthy food, strip clubs, gay sex, gambling, etc.? Then don’t purchase, consume, join, engage in, get, etc., said things that offend you. Unless there is some demonstrable, immediate, clear and present danger to you and/or kin, bugger off. If I was to be candid, many things on that list aren’t my cup of joe, but what I find even more odious is others trying to legislate them away.

And what I always find most idiotic is fervent left wingers who will deny up and down that trying to deny someone the right to arm themselves, doesn’t make them just like fervent right wingers who try to deny someone the right to an abortion. Yes. Yes it does. Both of you are trying to force your viewpoint on others.

Tell you what. You leave me alone to lead the life I deem appropriate for me, and I’ll leave you alone to lead the life you deem appropriate for you. As long as no one is being harmed, it’s no one’s business. Seems pretty simple to me. I wish it was that clear to others.

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