Monday, 2 June 2014

Bibliophilia: The Fearless Defenders - Vol. 1, Doom Maidens – Bunn Cullen

The Fearless Defenders - Vol. 1, Doom Maidens – Bunn Cullen

I’d like to say I got this because of the great story line or character development, but really, I have to admit to being a boy and the hot babes being a draw.

I’m not much of a fan of the Marvel universe in general, and this didn’t do much to sway me. Fun enough read, nice to see an ensemble of female characters for a change, Mark Brooks’ collected covers of the individual issues are fantastic – but I couldn’t really embrace the story line. I admit I like Batman, but most 
super hero and heroine stories, don’t do too much for me. So many of the story lines just get more absurd and impossibly improbable, as they twist stories into ever wilder yarns. The story has run its course. Let the character go. Start up something new. But there is so much invested in the marketability of those characters, the inviolability of the canon, the publishers just keep reeling them further out. Just doesn’t wow me that much. I gather this was a popular title with young women, a market I clearly am not. And, if this demographic feels these characters don’t get enough exposure, they were likely disappointed by the cancellation of the title after just 12 episodes.

But that cream headache.

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