Saturday, 19 July 2014

Cringe inducing videos of women shooting guns

I came across a YT video showing women shooting, and it was packaged as one of those schadenfreude-ish “fail” compilations.

They make me cringe not even so much for the awful handling (chickenwinging, teacupping, limpwristing, leaning back, feet not placed right, scopes right against the eye) – but mainly for the off screen males behind those videos. Why the hell are the lunkheads who’ve taken them shooting, not giving them proper coaching and giving them firearms they simply can’t handle? Giving some 100 lb. slip of a girl a 12 gauge shotgun or a .44 revolver is asking for an uncomfortable / painful / dangerous experience. She’ll hate it, be resentful of being made to look like a fool, the video the asshole shot of it and post on the web, will further humiliate the girl, and make responsible firearms owners look really bad.

I particularly despise these videos because I suspect the asswipes taking their girlfriends / sisters / wives, etc. to the range are sadistic jerks at best.

I’m all for responsible firearms ownership and use. But those videos demonstrate the opposite of that.
Firearms owners are their own worst enemies sometimes

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