Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bibliophilia: Cochlea & Eustachia – Hans Rickheit

Cochlea & Eustachia – Hans Rickheit

I was totally unaware of Hans Rickheit, until his very creepy “Cochlea & Eustachia” wormed its way into my eyeballs. Cochlea and Eustachia are twin girls, clad in skimpy ass revealing camisoles and zorro masks, trapped in a bizarre mansion. The place is inhabited by creatures from a bad acid trip, and curios from an expedition to hell. They meander through the place, through demented passageways, eventually escaping. I think?

Is it just weirdly surreal images for their own sake, or is there some kind of narrative logic that escaped this reviewer? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. Certainly interesting, if unsettling, to look at. 

It reminded me a little of another book I reviewed here a while back: Weathercraft by Jim Woodring.

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