Sunday, 1 November 2015

6° of Russack

Years ago my girlfriend was on a flight to Vancouver to connect with a flight to Australia. Woman sitting next to her. A greeting is exchanged but not much more. A while later a stewardess comes around with a meal.
“Meal for Russack.”
They both answer in the affirmative. Not a very common surname. As they’re both looking at each other with surprise, the stewardess says,
“K. Russack.”
They both answer in the affirmative.
Okay. This is getting weird.
“Vegetarian meal for K. Russack.”
And once again, they both raise their hand.
She was a Karen Russack, a vegetarian from Winnipeg. Mine was a Kathryn Russack, a vegetarian from London, Ontario by way of Australia. Seated beside each other.
What are the odds of that?

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