Saturday, 16 January 2016

Blood Donation #50

I reached #50 this week. (I hope I can reach 100.)
Got a pin for reaching this milestone.
I knew I had received some other pins for reaching various other milestones over the years. Decided to dig them out.

That’s why I do it. For the pins. And the free cookies. You should do it too.

(Oh and funny aside...I have a friend who has a violet wand. Curious as to what it felt like, I let him run it down my arm with a few different attachments. Freaky. Like tattooing, but 10 times more prickly. Just a weird sensation. I look at my arm the next day and it left all these weird red pin prick marks up and down my forearm, especially in the ditch by my elbow. Weird. Forget about it. The next day I go to donate blood, and one of the things they do is look at your arms to see you have no needle marks. I hadn’t given another thought to the marks, till the nurse asks to see my arms. Whoops. I look...and they’re almost all gone. Phew.)

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