Saturday, 16 January 2016

Pop Can Stoves

Just a small sampling of the pop can stoves I’ve made over the years.

$150 for a stove that can burn anything at any altitude? Why? Personally, I seriously doubt I’ll ever end up in a remote part of an undeveloped nation with an unknown availability of fuel to climb mountains. I can reach into a blue box, and with at most an hour of work, and with cheap and easily available methylated alcohol, have a camping stove that will suffice 95+% of the time for 95+% of people. I go on day hikes, weekend camping trips, week long canoe trips in northern Ontario in spring to autumn. For that, these are great. Light, compact, quiet, no smell, cheap fuel. Sure, they don’t work at altitude, they don’t work when it’s really cold and they don’t boil really fast. Oh well.

I’ve made from the complicated, the penny stove, to the simple, the fancy feast stove. And the latter is probably my favourite. A Fancy Feast cat food tin, a hole punch, punch a dozen holes along the wall and done. Wears out, lose it, give it away, sit on it and crush it? Make a new one. Andrew Skurka points out some of its flaws, but if I don’t like it, I have many other ones to choose from. Probably about three times as many as seen in the above photo.

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