Tuesday, 1 March 2016

DeviantArt is a cage of shit-flinging monkeys.

The best thing about DeviantArt is that anyone can upload their art. 
The worst thing about DeviantArt is that anyone can upload their art.

For some reason I decided to put a portfolio on DeviantArt. I have one on Behance and Coroflot. Figured what the hey - it’s free, spread the net a little further, can’t hurt.

But then I started to really look around.

Good grief, does that place ever suck.

I thought the delusional dilettante I had to endure at the dildo factory was an exception. An overgrown pre-pubescent, monomaniacally obsessed with japanime and cosplay, who spent 8 years in post secondary art education to produce art that was so utterly shitty, it was cringe inducing. No, the place is full of these dorks.

James Jean or Android Jones or JungGi Kim could post something on there, and one person might like it. Do some heinous, amateurish imitation of some Japanese video game character aimed at children, and hundreds of these idiots will chime in to blow pixie dust up one another’s furry butt plug distended assholes about how great it is.
“U R LYK TH3 3l337 h4x0r D3vi4nt 4r7ist.”

It’s a ginormous goddamn cirlejerking cesspool of shitty fanart, lame furries, prattling weeaboos, immature fangirls, japanime dweebs, cosplaying dorks, and let’s not forget emo poets. Rule 34 abounds on that site.

Oh I know....Vree...why do you have to be such an asshole? They’re just having fun and just let them draw what they like.

Because it’s trite and pathetic, and does absolutely nothing to advance art. I have sketchbooks filled with crappy thumbnail sketches and doodles. Some of them might get scanned and posted somewhere to demonstrate a progression of an idea. The evolution of a logo from a concept to finished, polished product. But most of these hacks - that’s all they’ll ever post. Work of a completely mediocre calibre that will never be polished or evolve. And worst of all, it’s a bunch of self referential and self reverential masturbation. While you might argue these are the nascent efforts of children, (which belongs on the fridge of their parents - nowhere else), most of these examples are seemingly from adults. Amateurish drivel from Wapanese fursona creators doesn’t need to be spread like the flung shit of caged monkeys.

This is what was so clearly evident (well, save for the idiot who hired her) about little miss make believe I had to work with. At the age of 8 or so, she discovered My Little Pony and Sailor Moon. She somehow got the idea that since she loved it so much that she should do it. Do art of it. Except...she hasn’t got a shred of artistic ability. Oh sure, mommy and daddy encouraged their little princess by telling her how talented she is. And the shysters at the colleges she attended were more than delighted to take her tuition money, even though she sucked hairy (Sonic the) hedgehog balls. And she surrounds herself with other socially inept dorks who love this shit too, who blow more smoke up her ass. And other dweebs on things like Deviant Art will tell her:
“OMG I ♥ ur wurk”
“Gaaaaaaaaahhh!! OMG! I loooove it!!! Miyavi-desu ... aishiteru!!!!”
“OMFG! I'm die, LOVE IT!!”

Oh and some halfwit will hire her, which will just go further to not disabusing her of her pretensions. Fuuuuuuccckkkkk......

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