Sunday, 10 July 2016

Bibliophilia: Monster Motors by Lynch, Roche & O’Grady

Monster Motors by Brian Lynch, Mick Roche & Leonard O’Grady

How could I not like a book that packs this much campy fun into it? The Abominable Snowman, Cadillacula, Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hybrid, Minivan Helsing, Zoombies and Wheelwolf are some of the cast of ... caracters?

Victor Frankenstein moves to Transylvania, Kentucky to become the town mechanic. A wizard with a wrench, he built his assistant, Igor – Interactive Garage Operations Robot. The garage he purchased is more like a fortress, and odd things happen during the night. It turns out Cadillacula has been trapped inside and manages to escape after sucking the gas out of a bunch of vehicles. Soon he is joined by April Van Helsing and her father, Minivan, and they reluctantly team up to fight automotive evil.

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