Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bloody Remains

One of the office towers here in Hamilton, the BDC tower at Main and MacNab, several times this year now, I’ve walked past one particular spot below it and found the remains of the bloody work of the Peregrine falcons who hunt from the top of it.
I’m not sure whether they’re ripped off as they swoop in to grab their prey, or they lose them as they’re ripping them apart after. Either way, it amuses me that they always end up in the same spot. And I don’t even go by there that often. Wonder if this is only part of their detritus.

And something else I contemplate is how important they might be to an entire eco-system with this “discarded” food. Other animals, not as proficient a hunter, might well benefit from
 this fresh meat that they would drop below the cliffs they inhabit. Sharing the spoils so to speak.

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