Thursday, 1 December 2016

Day at the range.

Went out to Waterloo with Ryan, Scott and Alex yesterday afternoon to do a bit of shooting. Very fun day. Bit pricy for what it was, and it didn’t really allow for anything more than a cursory appreciation for each weapon. Just a handful of rounds, in a pretty static setting. Getting a realistic appraisal of each weapon and getting better at using it would have required more time and more ammo. Since I haven’t shot in an indoor range in a LONG time, I forgot how loud it is, and also the sensation of the pressure blast. Fired a 9mm SIG P226, 9mm CZ75, AR in .223 and a Browning shotgun (can’t recall the model) in 12 gauge.

I fired so few rounds through the AR, that by the time I realized the aperture was set wide open, it was too late. But I didn’t think it was my place to start fiddling with them. Didn’t get the target for it, so I don’t really know how I did. I haven’t shot a pistol in a very long time - stupid Canadian gun laws - but it all came flooding back instantly and did all right, for them both being unfamiliar weapons. The 12 gauge was surprisingly comfortable to shoot and I did just fine with it.
Shooting the CZ75.
Shooting the AR.
Believe it’s a Browning BPS. Likely I’m incorrect though.
CZ75 at 5 yards.
CZ 75 at 10 yards.
SIG P226 at 10 yards.
12 gauge at 15 yards.

Didn’t get a target for the AR.

Fun, and for not shooting nearly often enough, I think I did okay. But certainly nothing to be taken too seriously.

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