Tuesday, 28 February 2017


I’m cleaning the shop at around 05:00 when I hear someone knocking on the door on the other side.
“This can only be some sketchbag trying to bum a smoke.” I think to myself.
Knocks again.
Knocks again.
Walk to the other side. Woman. Doesn’t look too sketchy.
“Hi. Sorry to bother you, but could you call animal control? I’m trying to find their number on my phone but having no luck. There’s a possum in the doorway next door. I just thought with the rabies situation...”
I opened the door. 
“Possums don’t get rabies.”
Sure enough, there was a possum huddled in the doorway next door. I figured since it got there, it would likely get back to where its home was before the sun came up.
The sidewalk sweeper going by must have been absolutely terrifying for it though.
But I dutifully found the number for animal control and called. 
When Andrew got to the shop around 08:30, they finally came, and it was still huddled there. The guy picked it up and off he went.

Possums aren’t cute, but they aren’t dangerous and actually pretty beneficial. Spread the word.

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