Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Made this a while ago, but only recently had the idea to actually take a picture. Simple hook to clip keys (and quite a few other things to), that can be belt carried, but also mounted on PALS.
 Made with one of the many H&K hooks I have sitting around, a scrap of the Leo Zulueta TEVA webbing, and two pieces of Velcro. Oh and a meter or so of upholstery thread. And maybe a half hour of time.
When I wear it on my belt I never undo the Velcro, but for attaching to PALS on a pack it’s necessary.
While I intended it mainly for keys, just about anything else can be hung on it to prevent loss.
Can be worn on the belt to keep keys secure.
Or placed on PALS webbing. And the hook can be placed at the top or bottom.

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