Sunday, 8 February 2015

Modular Gear For The Rest Of Us: Mission Workshop

Continuing my series chronicling examples of modular carry equipment geared to non-military endeavours.

Mission Workshop is a California bag and clothing maker. Catering to a clientelle that rides fixies rather than Humvees, they have their own take on a modular system, called the Arkiv System. It’s a proprietary system, based on vertical rails. The base is a roll top pack, with three options available – the R2, the R6 and the R8, the numbers corresponding to the number of rails. On to these can be added a variety of pouches.

It’s an interesting take on the idea, but if there is a drawback it’s that Mission seems to be the only manufacturer to offer any pouches compatible with the system. With PALS/MOLLE there are easily a hundred manufacturers offering pouches that will mount to it.

They, like so many manufacturers, frustrate me to no end by not showing the back of the pouch. What is this attachment system? What does it look like? How does it work? They have a video which purports to show how it works, and really doesn’t. Adventure Journal has what seem to be the only decent photos of the system. Metal trucks slide down what appears to be a webbing covered stay that is affixed down the center.

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  1. Exploriment,

    Great find. I guess with proprietary systems in general, the hope is to develop a loyal customer base. But at the same time you may be limiting your sales. These packs and pockets seem to well built. That is good news for customers.