Sunday, 15 February 2015

Bibliophilia: Exit Plan – Larry Bond

Exit Plan – Larry Bond

I have in past admitted to this genre being a fun indulgence. But lately some of the stalwarts of the genre have started to seem a bit long in the tooth. 

I have seen some other books by this author, but other than that, I was unfamiliar with him. I was given a bunch of books recently, including this.

What I liked about it was that it seemed somewhat plausible. Instead of the lone protagonist defeating overwhelming numbers of crazed religious goons, this book deals with a team and the odd guys out, (the subs executive officer who in a pinch had to pilot the mini sub that had an onboard fire, stranding him and the others), that has to pull together to help get 2 Iranian defectors back to the submarine they are cut off from. The “bad guys’ weren’t too cartoony evil, the “good guys” were human and fallible, and it included some submarine warfare in addition to the small team tactics.

I enjoyed it and will be checking out some of his other work.

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