Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Ruck’mups pt. 1

I’ve been carrying around the Messenge’mups for a few years now. I’m about 98% happy with the design and how I built it. It’s held up really well, and there were only some very minor points I would change about it. But my main problem with it is that it is a bag that is slung over one shoulder. While it’s a convenient format, it’s just not good long term to carry any sort of weight that way. I’ve been mulling over a backpack design, one specifically geared towards my day to day life living in a city. It’s going to be a fairly large panel loader bag, with a lot of features, including 22" aluminum stays, and a detachable waist belt. It’ll be black but with an orange interior.

I’ll post photos as the build progresses.
Some half assed patterns for the straps, belt and back. Some done by hand, some on the computer. Was going to do everything that way, but the hand drawn ones were fine for now. Still a bunch more I’m drawing right now for the body itself.
This pile of patterns, stays, hardware, zippers, cut material, foam, mesh, webbing, etc. will just do the back with the aluminum stays, the straps and the belt. The pack design itself is still being tweaked and drawn.

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