Monday, 27 July 2015

BBC Four Goes Slow “Handmade”

Came across these and thought they were great. And part of what I liked about them is that there is no commentary, no music, the artisan doesn’t even say anything. You just watch the process. Some might say an explanation of the process would be helpful, but personally I really enjoyed this approach.

If I have a criticism is that some of the shots are really tight, and might benefit from being panned out a bit. And the sound of some of the tools and process can be a bit jarring. The sound of the blow pipes in the glass making one is a bit nails on a black board. The sound of power tools starting up after several minutes of chisels working wood and birds chirping jars you out of your reverie. Turn the sound right off or just be aware of it.

The only name I recognized was that of Owen Bush, a noteworthy knife and axe smith.

Hope that they do more of these, showing other crafts. Basketry, leather working, etc.

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