Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kifaru Express

Out of all the Kifaru packs I own, the Molle Express seems to be used the most. Perfect size for a day trip/not too cushy overnighter. As always, superb build quality, great design, very comfortable.

There is also the regular Express, sans PALS webbing. I like the Express so much that at some point I would like to get a black one (Regular not MOLLE) for my day to day urban carry.
Here it is with two LongPockets on the sides and the Map’mups on the front.
Here it is with a small Pod on the bottom and the top (more photos of the Pod coming up in a bit), Map’mups on the front, Ouch’mups on the left side, Slurp’mups on the right side.
The bottom. Optional, removable buckles to attach stuff to. Also attached, adjustable straps. Handy for lashing a pad, a bundle of wood under, etc. I also opted for the drain holes. 
Top. Where I was walking that day.
Back. Small pod on the bottom.
Bottom. Small pod on the bottom.
Map’mups off, and LongPockets on the side. The poles are held on like this.

Small pod on the topMap’mups on the front, Ouch’mups on the left side, Slurp’mups on the right side.
Express with the CargoChair on the front.
Two other shots of the CargoChair mounted, with the  Map’mups on the front.
Cargo chair being used to carry an industrial bin liner full of trash out of the Chedoke Gorge.
Another bin liner full of garbage, down by Pier 1 this time. Our day before Earth Day good deed. As big and awkward as this load was, it was easier to carry it on my back than in my hands while trying to clamber up hills.
Contents of top pocket that day. Binoculars pouch, sunglasses case, and, hard to see in the middle, a ti spork. Always have to have a ti spork.
Top lid, zippered open. Mesh pocket in top lid. ChamberPocket in top at the back. 
Contents of zippered compartment in top lid that day. Hot weather cooling scarf, lighterweight repair kit, smaller toiletry kit, tea and sugar, some 550.
Contents of ChamberPocket that day. Pre-Filter, SteriPen, CR123 Batteries.
Contents of pack that day. (bottom to top, left to right) Bod-i-Bag in Kifaru Compression StuffSack, Hilleberg Bivanorak, MEC Tarn2 footprint for ground sheet, Exped Si Cushion 3.1, spare socks, flight gloves and merino wool balaclava in SeatoSummit silnylon dry bag, 2 days of food, Dig’mups, Thermos, MSR Titan Kettle cook setup in Camozy.
Another shot of the top open with the ChamberPocket visible.
The versatility of Kifaru gear means that you can mount LongPockets on the sides (as already shown), on the top like here....
...or on the bottom.
Another great piece of gear from the masterminds at Kifaru are Pods. The one shown here is the small size, which fits perfectly on the top of the Express. There are also a medium and a large size. The medium is a good size for the bottom of the Express. Personally I find the large to be almost too large. If I know what I know now, I would have gotten two smalls and a medium.
I find the small Pod ideal for my rain gear - pants and jacket. Very easy to access when needed, but it still protects them when bushwhacking.

A shot (Mel’s, not mine) that compares the size of the smaller Kifaru packs I have, a Scout next to the Regular Express.
One thing I found I could do was use the long, narrow slot pockets that house the aluminum stays to store some very long zip ties.


  1. Great pics. I recently traded my Mollex for a Marauder which is working better for me. I like having full access to the pack by unzipping the front flap. To each his own. Also have the Scout and Tailgunner I BTW.

    1. Oh believe me, if I could afford it, I would likely own or have owned one of everything in their line. Would love to give the Marauder a try, but not at all unhappy with the Express.

  2. Great photo's! Did you use the hybrid side zip pockets or the 500 light side zip pockets on the sides?

    1. Thanks.

      They are the....1000D hybrid side zip long pockets. The original, full size ones, not any of the smaller ones they’ve introduced in recent years.

  3. Exploriment,

    Great to see so many pic's of your packs in action.

    If you drop by my blog - Mountainman's Mantra, I have added a few more pics of those scabbards you were interested in seeing.