Sunday, 19 December 2010

Binoculars Pouch

A bunch of years back I modified a LowePro pouch I had for carrying my binoculars. Okay, but it still had some shortcomings. Decided to build one from scratch.
I had some neoprene from an old Platypus bladder carrier that I had taken apart.
I tackled the back and flap first, adding CLASP to the back.
The neoprene was put in and stitched in place.
Then seam tape was added around the edges.
Then I tackled the body. I left a ¼" seam of material rather than a seam of neoprene. I thought it might prove difficult trying to form the seam otherwise.
Stitching around the edges to hold it in place, button holed the drain hole and seam tape at the opening.
Now, stitching down the first side was quite easy, and the bottom a little bit trickier, but the other side was really tricky. Not my finest sewing ever, took quite a while, but it will hold.
And the finished result.
The bottom drain hole is covered by a strip of webbing. Lets any water that gets in out, but helps prevent sand and other crud from getting in.
One of the things I didn’t like about the LowePro pouch was that it was a really tight fit and it took quite a bit of wiggling and pulling and tugging to get it out. With this one, I left about an inch at the top to grasp the binoculars, and it’s sized perfectly to make for a snug fit, but still allow for easy extraction.

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