Monday, 7 September 2015

Bibliophilia: The Army of Dr. Moreau – David F. Walker

The Army of Dr. Moreau – David F. Walker

I had a run of graphic novels I grabbed at the library that did nothing for me. The recently reviewed Noir being one. This being the other.

I thought it was pretty flat, taking the original premise of H.G. Wells’ classic and not adding a whole lot to it. The Allies learn the Nazis have discovered Moreau’s island and the remnants of his work and want to use it to create a race of mindless super soldiers. So they send a bunch of agents to wipe it out. The beasts are noble pacifists, the Nazi’s are cruel savages, the allies show up and convince “Moreau’s children” they need to fight the Nazi menace, lots of moralizing and bloodshed ensues.

The original tale was probably sufficient.

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