Monday, 21 September 2015

Bibliophilia: Lazarus – Greg Rucka

Lazarus 01, Family – Greg Rucka
Lazarus 02, Lift – Greg Rucka
Lazarus 03, Conclave – Greg Rucka

I’ve mentioned it before in several reviews of his work, but I am a huge Greg Rucka fan. Not just because he writes great stories, but because his stories feature fantastic female leads.

In an all too real feeling future, where nation states have collapsed, several incredibly wealthy families have carved out their own territories and are in a state of low level war with one another. A small percentage of the population serve these families - scientists, military, etc. - and are known as serfs. Everyone else is charmingly referred to as waste.

Each family has a lazarus, a genetically enhanced human who can’t be killed, who serves as a spy / assassin / protector. The main character here is Forever Carlyle, and she navigates her way through political machinations, both external and internal.

(The one point I quibbled about is why just one? Given that they have clawed their way to power because of their control of advanced genetics and other scientific fields, why stop at just one lazarus? Why not a whole army?)

Despite that one point, top notch.

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