Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bibliophilia: The Last Werewolf – Glen Duncan

The Last Werewolf – Glen Duncan

Thoroughly enjoyed this funny, sexy, literate take on werewolves.

Jake Marlowe is a very jaded, but still licentious werewolf. And, as we learn, the last one of his kind. He’s being hunted by WOCOP (the World Organisation for the Control of Occult Phenomena), who want to kill him. Oh and vampires are also after him, although they want him for different reasons. He’s pretty sick of it all. Sure, he’s physically very healthy, has managed to stay free and alive for a long time, and he’s financially successful. But having to come up with new identities every few decades and having to look over his shoulder all the time has ground him down. And he’s lonely.

Then something happens which totally changes that outlook.

I thought the writing was glorious, with some delightful turns of phrase, there’s action aplenty and sex and violence in spades.

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