Sunday, 29 May 2016

Requiem for a Needle

Needles are sadly not what they once were. I don’t expect the needles I use to last for that long. And if they are good, I often don’t have a clue who made it. I used one that beat all the odds and it lasted for almost five months. Finally gave up the ghost. Figured it needed some recognition for its yeoman’s service.
a humble embroidery crewel
possibly the simplest tool
a sharpened sliver of steel
with a single minded zeal
an eye, a shaft and a point
serving to get fabric joined
always took up the slack
dutifully made my pack
subjected to months of abuse
at last it’d get no more use
after pulling miles of thread
an irreparably damaged head
would mean an ignoble end
of this very faithful friend

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