Sunday, 29 January 2017


Just an FYI for all concerned: No matter what your opinion is on any subject, typing a comment on the interwebs in all caps, using terrible spelling, poor grammar, and a complete avoidance of punctuation - save for the exclamation mark – is a surefire way to make sensible people complete ignore what you have to say. It’s a large banner that screams “IGNOR ME !!!”

While the internet is a wonderful thing, every time I see some ignorant dumbfuck spout off in a rant - all while showing a tenuous grasp on the niceties of the English language, I shudder. I miss the days the only real divergent commentary I read were letters to the editor of the newspaper. I may have disagreed with the opinions stated, but terrible spelling, abysmal grammar and poor punctuation wasn’t one of the problems. A letter that sounded and looked like the equivalent of a deranged street preacher shouting on the corner, was invariably tossed in the trash can. Oh yeah, and owning up to your stance with your actual name attached - priceless.

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