Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sosoetry: The Gall of Roxann

Roxann’s troubled tummy
Made her feel so crummy
The days of pain were lots in number
It interrupted many nights of slumber
Surely this kind of torture in the belly
Was a sign of something unhealthy
The ache in her bowels
Led to gasps and howls
The spasms kept getting worse
The agony made her utter curses
(Yes! This foul mouthed individual
Swore even more than her usual!)
This was beginning to bore her
Not a fan of this kind of horror
To Satan she did pray
Make this hell go away
One bad day she said damn it all
And off she went to the hospital
“Doctor, this misery keeps getting badder.”
“Why Ms. Tarajos, it’s your gall bladder.”
Her wincing
Was convincing
She didn’t even have to explain
Was given a script for the pain
He scheduled an operation
To remove this aggravation
I hope that after the extrication
Her torture comes to an end
She has an easy recuperation
And is quickly on the mend

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