Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Uli’s Stairs pt.2

I’ve mentioned these before.

Possibly my favourite thing in Hamilton.

I’ve been there a bunch of times since I posted those photos (6 years ago already - yikes), but hadn’t bothered taking any more.

Took some friends and their kids there on Sunday. A few changes, but still the awe-inspiring combo of an amazing feat of one (in his 70’s [!] )man’s ingenuity and hard work, and a beautiful natural area.
When I take my millions, and build the giant theme park of my dreams, it will feature stairs like this leading up to all sorts of magical sites.
Uli has added his own whimsical sign to the official legalese sign.
The lookout as you walk up.
The lookout.
Top of the stairs.
And Uli’s warning sign at the top.
The reward at the top. The Red Hill Valley.
The Niagara Escarpment.
And then I was dropped back off close to home.

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