Wednesday, 6 July 2011

NyfFyrLyt™ 2

I suppose you can figure by the “2” that I made an earlier iteration of this. It was okay, but I made it from a few different pieces, scraps essentially, and because of that it didn’t work quite right. Took another stab at it, and this one is a little closer, but wouldn’t you know it, this one is imperfect as well. But, that is par for the course when making things. Sometimes it is bang on the money  from the start, other times it involves a bit of trial and error to get it just right.

The motivation didn’t change: a pouch to carry my Victorinox Huntsman, Fenix L1D flashlight and a Silva Matchcase. A knife (and a few other tools), a means of starting a fire, a compass and a light. All in a pouch with a few different mounting and carrying options.
It’s still about 4" by 4.5" by 1". Once again it’s made from ranger green 1000D Cordura.
Inside out views. I used some coyote brown seam tape, just because.
On the back I used some foliage green webbing for the belt loops as it’s the stiffest webbing I currently have. On the sides I used some scraps of OD webbing to form tabs.

The 1" gap between the two loops means that I can put a belt loop between them to prevent it from sliding around. 
Drain hole on the bottom.
The zipper is a #8 YKK.
I changed the sinnets around from the ones in the 5th and 6th picture since they were a bit too bulky to fit comfortably inside the pouch.
 Two different colours and styles to differentiate between them by sight and feel, and a loop on the flashlight so I can secure it around a finger or hook a lanyard to it.
Another difference from the other one is that I put a flap over the zipper.
Mounted on the Map’mups. First one with the zipper at the top, the second one turned on its side
Showing two mounting options – Siamese Slik-Clips and GrimLocs.
Mounted on a Kifaru OmniBelt.
When I’m wearing my pack, I can take the NyfFyrLyt right off of my pants belt and put it on the pack belt. (Really uncomfortable to have the pack belt over it.) However, as soon as I unbuckle the belt it slides right off and clatters to the ground. Not a big deal though, I just grab it and hold it when I do unbuckle the belt.

And the flaw I mentioned? I should have had the zipper come down over each side by ½" to 1" like I did in the original version. While it’s not an overwhelming problem, if I had done that it would make getting the items out a little easier.

Hhmmmmhhh, maybe I should go for version 3? I did go for version 3!


  1. You should send it to me, i might use for it,as well as something to offer in trade. Seriusly.

  2. I was about to say, I’ll send you the first one, try it out, let me know what you think, make some suggestions for changes - but then I realized that I tore it apart to make this one. D’oh!

  3. Well, if its possible to get one like in this post,im interested till i get one somehow:).

    Th eonly thing i´d add, or change would be a tiny clip inside, to attach one or two most important keys,and a small elastic loop for firesteel.

  4. I love this post..., just wondering how you like the attachment system? Don't you like using molle type clips/straps? Sent you a pm on the Kifaru forums.

  5. The attachment system is fine, since 95% of the time I just carry it on a belt. The Siamese clips are fine when I need to attach it to a PALS/MOLLE belt.

    I’m about to tackle this for the third time, and I may switch it out to be PALS comaptible - ie use some MALICE clips instead. I will see when I get to that point.