Friday, 30 December 2011


Grabbed an Adventura magazine a few days ago and two articles got me excited. 

If like me, you don’t own a car, getting to more remote areas to camp, canoe, snowshoe, etc., etc. can be problematic. It turns out there is now a bus that will take you from downtown Toronto to Algonquin Park (yay!). Last year was its first season, and it took 321 people up to Algonquin, dropping them off at one of five stops. A round trip costs $72 plus tax, which is very reasonable. An initiative of the Ontario Parks, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Mountain Equipment Co-op, and a bunch of private outfitters and tour operators in and around Algonquin Park.

There is also a first come, first serve opportunity to bring bikes up to the park.

It appears there are plans for other routes to different parks in the future, including Killarney (yay!) and also up the Bruce Peninsula to Tobermory (yay!).

For more info:

And read the article here.

A forum post with a bunch more info.

This has me super excited.

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