Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Patch Hanger

I got my nephew a backpack a few years back that I sewed some loop Velcro to, and also got him some patches that I sewed some hook Velcro to. A name patch, a small Canadian flag, a White Stripes one, two Batman ones, a Star Wars clone trooper one. Recently I took a ball cap that he wasn’t so thrilled with, a New Balance cap, actually a very nice quality one, and sewed some loop Velcro to. Now he thinks it’s “totally epic!”

Not having much money to devote to Yule gifts this year, I got a few patches from the Boy Scout store (far more reasonably priced than any of the Star Wars ones I looked at on line), and a few others and again sewed some hook Velcro to the back of them. I also made him something I have been meaning to make for myself for a long time now, a panel to hang up and stick patches to when not in use. Took a length of stiff plastic to give it some form, a length of 550 cord, some 4" loop Velcro, 2 beads, and sewed this up for him.

I gave him some other things as well, but this one was the most fun for me.

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