Monday, 2 April 2012

HSGI Nalgene Pouch Modification

I’ve got two of these High Speed Gear Nalgene pouchesone in OD, and one in black.

Like all of HSGI’s stuff it’s well made, but the one annoyance about it is that it is meant for a Nalgene, and not much more. A cup nested on the bottom of the bottle will fit okay, but the problem arises in trying to get that cup out. If they increased the width of the pouch an eighth of an inch on each side it would likely be okay.

With a project almost done that this pouch would go with, I decided to do some mods to it to make getting that cup out a little less of a challenge.
A look at the pouch itself. The pulls were ones I added a few years back.
First step was a lifter strap to help raise the cup out. If I’m just pulling out the bottle, no problem. Getting the cup out makes me say bad words.
Another problem area is this. The lip of the cup, and more specifically the folding handles on the cup get caught on this point.
So I sewed a strip of webbing over each side.

Well...I regret to report that these mods were only marginally successful. Getting the cup out is a little easier, but I still say bad words when I have to remove it.

I just wish Gene would make these a bit bigger.


  1. Dude. I love the gear mods. I was starting to suffer from withdrawals. I still keep trying to make my own version of your survive'mups, but I haven't been having too much luck.

    1. Thanks. I've been working like gangbusters on a messenger bag. Almost done. (Now the taking of hundreds of pictures, deciding which are okay, editing them, blah, blah, blah begins.)

      Keep trying. You'll get there!