Monday, 23 April 2012

Prints & Printer

My bro from another mo recently got an Epson 4900. Not your average desktop printer. At well over a hundred pounds and taking up almost 6 square feet, unless your desk is titan of industry huge, it will take up all of it. Your kids will be able to make a great fort out of the box. (Although to be on the safe side, you might want to hang on to the box until you’re certain there aren’t any problems with it.)

Not going to start spewing out too much in the way of technical details. This article gives a very thorough writeup if you’re interested.

Helped get it set up, and have seen some of the results roll out the other end.
I contributed some old map drawers to the cause.
Like I said, desk top doesn’t really apply any more.
This printer can handle a lot of different mediums. Be they roll fed or sheet fed, the options are far greater with this machine.
One of the things it can print on is wood veneer. Exotic Woods in Burlington has some neat stuff including lacewood.
First up.
Here are some prints by our pal Simon coming out.
Here it is on lacewood.
Different print, different wood. Like the effect a lot. Nice to see it on something other than plain old paper. Gives it a whole different feel.
And some prints by Bryce Huffman.
Some other miscellaneous print outs hanging up, including stuff by Andrew Little and Seth Rowanwood.

If any of those prints look appealing, contact the artists in the links provided.


  1. Wicked!!! That is one super-duper printer.

    1. It’s pretty nutty when you consider that not all that long ago, you paid more for a laser printer that took its sweet time to spit out a black and white 8.5x11 sheet.