Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bibliophilia: Locke & Key – Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

LOVED these. Quite violent and rather gory, the first collection mainly, but the story is incredible and the art is spectacular. Each of Gabriel Rodriguez’ pages is at the caliber of the covers on most comic books. This series ranks up there with Sandman and Fables for me.

The art is so well done, that it makes already well written characters even more compelling. Bode in particular is amazing.

The first few pages of the fourth collection “Keys to the Kingdom”, have two pages done in a very different style, and the next two pages are back to more recognizably Gabriel’s style. Then back to this other cruder style for two pages, then back to Rodriguez’ more refined style. Couldn’t figure out what was going at first, but several pages later, there is a subtle hint that explains it all. See if you can catch it. One of those make you laugh out loud, wonderful touches that really add to this book.

Highly recommended.

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