Monday, 6 February 2012

Van Wagners Beach

After finishing school on Saturday I decided to go wandering. I needed to go out to Ottawa Street for some Cordura (too expensive, but anyway....) and from there decided to go out to an area I had never been to before, Van Wagners Beach, the Windermere Basin, around there somewhere. 

Now, Hamilton has some really lovely areas, which I have shown in abundance. Hamilton also has some incredibly grim areas. It has been and continues to be a heavy industrial town. Two massive steel plants and a bunch of other not so nice to look at industries. It’s all concentrated along the waterfront out in the east end. The Windermere Basin had the dubious distinction (I believe it still may) as the, or one of the most polluted spots in Canada. Valiant efforts have been made to clean it up, but a century + of dumping filth into the harbour is going to have a negative effect. (I knew a guy years ago who was a diver and he said that the area in front of Dofasco and Stelco had a layer of black, gooey, tarry sludge many meters deep and stretching many meters out into the harbour.)

After crossing the city, and a stop at Princess Auto (where I had never been either), I cut down the Red Hill Valley Trail towards the lake.
Looking towards Stoney Creek.
Looking towards Burlington and Oakville.
Another perspective looking up the Hamilton Beach.

Debated whether I should walk to Burlington, even debated whether I should walk the Around the Bay Race route (which I will do one of these days), but decided I didn’t really have the time, and it was getting dark. Part of doing these little jaunts is to take photos. Might get up really early one morning and do this again.

Walking up Woodward Avenue, I came out from under an overpass and saw this scene. Looked more stunning in real life though. Really need to get a better camera.


  1. Cordura, eh? What are you planning on making? Do tell.

    You really need to start selling your creations (i.e. to me).

    1. If only I had time!

      I have been using a really shitty attache caase for a while now - crappy material, falling apart, yadda, yadda.

      Had the idea to make one for myself. What I think I might do though is use the Maxpedition Manta that I use as my murse, and build a largeish pouch, about 14,15" by 11" by 4", mount it on there, and then mount the pouches that I currently use on the Manta on that. That way I have one bag rather than two.

      Still trying to figure it all out. Flap, or a zipper going around the front at the top, or maybe a double zipper along the top. I'll see.

  2. you have any thrift stores in your area that you could find a ballistic nylon briefcase (in fashionable black) that you could modify? Perhaps adding rows and rows of MOLLE strips to?

    1. I thought of that and did have a look around. Couldn't find anything. Besides, this way it will be exactly how I want it.

      I hope.