Sunday, 22 July 2012

Carroll’s Point & the Bay

I was thinking the other day that I have photographed this spot a bunch of times over the years. Whenever I cross the McQuesten High Level Bridge, I have to stop to admire the view, and invariably snap a few shots. Looking back at some of them, it struck me how different they all look. Different times of year and times of day. Some different angles as well.


  1. Awesome! I keep meaning to do a photo series like that out at my place. I keep telling myself, "Self, I'm going to set a tripod up the first of each month and take a photo for the next twelve months." *sigh* Sadly...I keep forgetting to do that. I'd be a force to be reckoned with if I had a short (or long) term memory.

    1. You should just remember to tie a string around your finger on the last day of the month and then the next day you'll remember what it is you have to do that day. What was it you have to do again?

    2. You want to know what's really sad? I'll take my watch and put it on UPSIDE DOWN so that I can remember to do something when I get to point B or whatever. do you think that helps? No. No it doesn't. I really should be in a care facility of some sort.

    3. Notes man, notes. Old fashioned pencil and paper.